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The Wandering Plains Wagyu Story

The story of Wandering Plains Wagyu is really no less absurd than any other story in my 7-year career. It was three years ago when Diane Dimond, the journalist who exposed the Michael Jackson child molestation allegations, wrote the most absurd and brainless false news article about me, and featured it on Creators.com.  A cursory…
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November 29, 2018 0

Matthew Berdyck Filmography

This is a short list of films I have directed and edited. 2017: The Josh Steffen Show (Matthew Berdyck Interviews Josh Steffen) I traveled to Peshtigo, Wisconsin to interview famous YouTube drummer Josh Steffen.  We talked about his origins, brushes with celebrity drummers, band offers from famous groups, and of course, Lars Ulrich from Metallica. …
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April 14, 2017 1

Album Update

I’m still hammering away at my album, but the process has gone well beyond what my original schedule was supposed to be.  Since I am playing drums on the entire thing, with a few guest appearances, the first major stumbling block I had was that I couldn’t play the drums.  Two hours of practice a…
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December 10, 2016 0