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Protected: About Luis Rodriguez And The Lemon Report

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March 14, 2020 0

Cast Of Characters

MBVR is: Peter John Ross –  Columbus Ohio local filmmaker Jayne Hitchcock –  Anti-cyber bullying activist Diane Dimond – Journalist Ernest Halcon – Former undercover detective Bob Bowcock – Erin Brockovich employee Jeff Epstein – Journalist Adam Roora – LA filmmaker Ramey Memo – band from St. Joseph, Missouri Associated parties: Luis Rodriguez Stan Warren Christy…
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February 28, 2020 0

SEO, Marketing, Reputation Management, PR, and Viral Media Training Program

  All one needs to do is Google the phrase Matthew Berdyck to gain a quick understanding of my vast professional experience with Search Engine Optimization.  While most average citizens, many of which are unaware that SEO exists, would see a lot of negative information, the trained eye can quickly spot that I have been…
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February 28, 2020 0

How I Ended Up Homeless In Los Angeles

  The series of events that landed me homeless in Los Angeles is nothing less than the fodder for a good old fashioned American corruption story.  I ended up out here suffering because of a series of events that began in July of 2018, in St. Joseph, Missouri. I’d move to St. Joe around May…
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February 16, 2020 0

My Opponents’ Echo Chamber Lives On But Won’t Hold Up In Court

  The myth that I have dodged lawsuits or restraining orders was created by a man named Peter John Ross, a filmmaker in Columbus, Ohio, who has been stalking me for close to seven years. Over the years, Ross and his friends have used this myth and developed it to the point where it’s become…
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February 14, 2020 0


My personal e-mail is

January 5, 2020 0

Important Links

Websites: SuperfundResearch.orgDailyIndependentJournal.comBlame Reagan OFFICIAL WEBSITEDaily Travel Diary Press Releases: Matthew Berdyck Announces Wandering Plains WagyuMatthew Berdyck Announces Superfund Site DownloaderMatthew Berdyck Announces Daily Independent Journal IMDb Links: Blame ReaganPoison in the GrapesPhiladelphia Experiment Ra LiveWayward Traveler 2 Articles:  Confirmed: Matthew Berdyck Stole Metallica’s New York TimesMatthew Berdyck Releases Superfund Site Records Downloader News Pieces: Roanoke Times YouTube Videos: Philadelphia Experiment…
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July 17, 2019 0

Under Construction

I’m rebuilding my content delivery system.  My career is complex and I have many facets to what I do and this website, along with, do a poor job of properly introducing me to people.  After struggling with a way to accurately represent myself, I’ve come up with a new system, while keeping this old…
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July 20, 2017 0

Public Message To Vigilante Group From Alex Hwang

As a requirement for a lawsuit that is being filed in The State of California, by Alex Hwang, against the bloggers that run Supertrollweb, and trollscreengrabs, and other related sites, Alex is required to inform you publicly that he is filing a lawsuit for your defamation of him, and his family.  As required, you will be…
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July 10, 2017 0 WordPress PDF Scraper Beta Test

I’m the co-founder of a Silicon Valley start-up data mining think tank called Major Malfunctionsoft. This is a beta test run for our coming PDF scraper that I conceived, visualized, and then Alex Hwang, an engineer for Facebook, coded for me.  Basically, I come with ideas for software, I present my concept to programmers, tell them what…
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July 10, 2017 0