Matthew Berdyck Responds To The Peter John Ross ‘Nowhere Man’ Film Project

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Matthew Berdyck Responds To The Peter John Ross ‘Nowhere Man’ Film Project

May 9, 2020 Diane Dimond Ernest Halcon Jayne Hitchcock Marjorie Bard Peter John Ross 0

To understand the utter atrocity that is the Nowhere Man film project is to go far back in the history and understand that the director, Peter John Ross, has been aggressively stalking and harassing me since 2011. For the last seven years, this inhuman nightmare of a soulless beast has made it his life’s mission to devour my life and career, for no other reason than he’s a serial cyber predator who claims that he does this to people for the “adrenaline of having stories to tell,” as he states on his own blog.

When Ross found me on the internet in an indie film forum, he targeted me as his next victim. After all, at the time, I was easy prey. Peter John Ross, being the coward and weakling that is everything he is, didn’t choose someone who could fight back and easily crush him. He chose me, a federally registered chronic homeless person, telling me, “You’re poor! What can you do to me?”

In true Peter Ross fashion, he organized a group of likeminded predators to act out his vicious and vile plot to keep me homeless, psychologically torture me, and use any well-deserved response, to claim his group were victims.  That’s all he’s asking you to believe, that seven people with homes, who spent every waking moment of their lives bullying a disabled homeless person were somehow victimized by a man covered in dirt and sleeping on concrete.

Due to the actions of Ross and his “first group,” I stayed homeless for close to eighteen months, fighting with every ounce of my being to try to survive the absurd hardship that homelessness already is.  Throughout that year and a half, I was consistently denied access to jobs, to housing, repeatedly thrown into the street by landlords and roommates when they discovered Ross and his group’s smear campaign.

My health suffered intensely.  I was hospitalized six times for everything from heatstroke to dehydration.  These brushes with death had no effect on this group.  No punishment imaginable could cause them to sit back and realize they were slowly killing an innocent human being.  They’ve had to dehumanize me to remove any feelings they might have that would cause them to feel empathy.

The entire time, I begged police, FBI, and media to help me but no one would listen because the moment they would look me up, it was his group’s smear campaigns that would deter any authority figure from helping me.  No one asked questions.  No one.  At one point, in 2013, close to a year and a half into my ordeal, I was sleeping on the sidewalk of the LA Times, begging a journalist to come out and speak to me.  They never did.

As the years passed, in spite of them, I started to make headway in my film career.  I started having success.  As I grew more and more reputable, Ross was forced to recruit allegedly reputable people into his scheme.  Diane Dimond, Jayne Hitchcock, Ernest Halcon, Bob Bowcock, each joined up, vowing not only to erase me from the history books but to also sever me from my family and any other support network, assuring their eventual victory.

By 2014, they’d been using an anonymous e-mail address to harass my parents, friends, business associates, and any other human being that came into contact with me, for close to three years.  Even as I was making appearances on ABC News, fighting for the health and safety of my community after my hometown had been the subject of an EPA Superfund toxic waste clean up, they did not relent.  Even today, one can see Ross and his friends launching baseless attacks against that cause.

From the moment this all started, I’d approached attorneys, bringing me to today, where hundreds of lawyers refused to take my case, each with their own lame excuse for why my money was no good in the United States.  What started out as a simple defamation case, in 2011, has now blossomed into complex litigation that will cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars just to reset my life and wallet back to zero.   Even if I did manage to find the alleged brave attorney willing to stand up and fight for me, I’ll never get my life and career back.

The mission, for Ross and his cohorts, is to overwhelm the public, the courts, the media, with so much information, that no one but the most steadfast investigative journalist could possibly unravel all of it into a clear and cohesive timeline.  Even an investigator who spends three entire months speaking with me could never hear the entire seven years long story.  It would take an entire volume of books, in the age of 144 characters, to help the average person begin to grasp how relentless and cruel these people have been.

If one wades throughout the murky waters of the three hours of interviews they’ve posted, they’ll find hundreds of lies, false allegations, and distortions of the truth.  The Nowhere Man teaser trailer is only the very tip of a massive iceberg of deceit and deception, serving only one purpose, to protect the group, itself, from being held accountable for what they have done.  Their only hope for survival is if not even one journalist will speak to me and start asking questions.

As the days continue on, I’m coming to terms with the fact that I am probably going to be homeless for the rest of my life.  At some point, my corpse will be found on the street of some major city, toe tagged as a John Doe, at which point, along with me, my story will have died.  Ross has shown no mercy, revealing his pure, unfiltered sociopathy, with no victim being spared in his mission to rip my the skeleton of my life apart at the joints.

Peter John Ross, as anyone can clearly see, is taking great pleasure in torturing me.  He’s generating the ultimate adrenaline of having a story to tell, filling his body with warm gooey feelings of satisfaction, knowing he is very close to getting away with his crime.

Time will tell.  Time, indeed, will tell.



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