Watch An Activist Be Erased In Real Time And Rebranded As An Internet Troll

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Watch An Activist Be Erased In Real Time And Rebranded As An Internet Troll

May 1, 2020 Diane Dimond Ernest Halcon Jayne Hitchcock Peter John Ross 0

Sometimes a plot comes along that is so blatantly transparent and ridiculous that the world needs to see it happen with their own eyes and easily can.  A filmmaker in Columbus, Ohio, and his friends, have hatched a ludicrous scheme to erase my activism career and rebrand me as an internet troll.  This scam took seven entire years to come to fruition as the man behind it publicly laughs, saying, “Nobody cares about this guy.  We can do anything we want to him and get away with it.”

For the last seven years, I have traveled to over 2,700 cities, working as a filmmaker, activist, and independent investigative journalist.  I’ve arguably been involved in almost every major environmental scandal that’s happened in The US, in the last 5 years, from the Malibu Cancer Cluster to the Animas River Mine Spill.  On numerous occasions, I have been the first person to blow the whistle on these scandals, like the corruption at the Region 5 EPA that led to the Flint Water Crisis, or another incident that is now being called the largest corruption scandal in Virginia history, over the redevelopment of the Avtex Superfund site. 

From coast to coast, I’ve worked oil spills, eminent domain seizures of land by gas and oil companies, I’ve investigated and exposed federally confirmed cancer clusters, I’ve exposed EPA corruption, toxic groundwater plumes, and on and on.  In the spirit of rock n roll, I’ve even been involved in a few whiskey drinkin’ bar fights, rescuing women who have been beaten up by men.  I’ve been at or near 11 mass shootings, as they have happened. I’ve done videography work in all 48 states, toured with rock stars, made major cable network TV pilots, crashed in Hollywood mansions.  My career has been so vast and prolific, I couldn’t possibly list everything I’ve done.

As this whirlwind career has taken me from sea to polluted sea, the media has flatly refused to cover my work or admit I exist. No one has ever explained why.

One of the most prolific examples is the Washington Post boldly refusing to add my name to its coverage of the Virginia embezzlement scheme.  As that scandal swept the east coast, journalist after journalist covered the story and left out my name, even though I had blown the whistle over two years before the scandal broke.  As I contacted each journalist, asking them to correct their stories, they refused.  I have an e-mail from Antonio Olivo, at Wash Po, telling me that he would not correct his reporting and that I did not deserve credit for my work.

To date, I’ve contacted well over one-thousand journalists, begging them to help me tell my story.  It’s not even that they contacted me and told me that they’d investigated and found my story to be not true, it’s that not a single one of them has ever written back, except Antonio Olivo, and KTLA, and even then it was to tell me they weren’t covering my story.

As all of this has unfolded, as I became more and more successful, a man named Peter John Ross came out of the woodwork and vowed to convince the world I was a fraud, even though after publishing and promoting hundreds of causes, not a single statement in anything I have ever published has been proven false.   If one is searching for a pop culture parallel, this man is Carole Baskin to my Tiger King, to the point that I have been drained of over a million dollars due to his constant and incessant trolling of my career, my audience, and my causes.

The Nowhere Man Scam

The Nowhere Man scam is so simple but deliciously complex.  Ross and his friends created a massive internet smear campaign designed to disrupt my own viral media campaigns.  As a hacktivist, I’d developed a very adept skill at generating local viral media.  On numerous occasions, I’ve dropped custom, geotargeted social media campaigns that have invaded entire cities, reached over 80% of the local voting population, in less than 24 hours, making me the most famous person in any town, overnight.   Since these were environmental or political based campaigns, there were obviously opponents who came out of wood-work in droves, to take a shot at me.

His campaigns worked by creating web links that could be used to disrupt the comment sections of my viral articles, spreading false information.  They also filled my search results with dozens of false news articles and harassing websites. Once they’d managed to turn a few people against me, a fake Facebook account would send the enemy a message with instructions on how to troll me and attack me.   Peter and his friends would take to local Facebook groups, contact the admins, get me banned, and would fill the group with false information, continuing to target these angry political opponents at me.

Once he succeeded in spreading his disinformation in a town, he’d then travel to that town claiming to be a reputable documentary filmmaker but only interview people that hate me, leaving out my supporters.  In Peter John Ross Land, as he has stated many times, everything I say is a lie, and anything anyone else says about me is true, so no matter what is said about me, he’s featured it in his Nowhere Man film, regardless if I’ve presented evidence that the statements are false.

What he’s managed to do is trade in the grey areas that the media has created by not covering my story.   The lack of adequate news coverage has made it so Mr. Ross can say anything he wants without any fact-checking, whatsoever.  As the years went on, much to his chagrin, I became more and more successful, until there was a moment where people no longer took him seriously because his allegations were so unrealistic and absurd.  

I believe at some point he realized that to win his battle against me, he was going to have to find a way to erase my activism career because who I am, what I do, and everything I stand for is far more powerful than any smear campaign he could commit against me.

Enter Brian Myers

In 2018, it was when Ross met St. Joseph, Missouri councilman Brian Myers that they hatched a final plan to destroy me.  First, Myers started attacking me on social media, turning his thousands of constituent supporters against me.   Then, they took my home, shut down my business, and told me I would be beaten to death if I ever returned to the city.  I’ve been without a home, ever since.

Over the next year of my life, they created over 250 social media accounts as 7 days a week, 24 hours a day they harassed me on Facebook.  They created an e-mail address and sent me hundreds of thousands of harassing messages. They used this e-mail address to e-mail bomb police, media, and FBI, all over the country, working to sever me from anyone that could help me.

They e-mail bombed New York Times, LA Times, Buzzfeed, KTLA, and a hundred other media outlets, until one day, I ran out of money for hotels and ended up truly homeless.  Even while I was living on the street, in LA, and dying from a lung infection, only six months ago, they continued to harass me, as I begged the LAPD to help me.  One officer witnessed them harass me for weeks on end but refused to take reports.  As I was coughing up blood, I pleaded with all of the above media outlets to please help me, but none of them would.

Ross and friends then formed a plot to orchestrate a wave of bogus restraining orders against me, filed in cities thousands of miles away from where I was, while I was living in a set of bushes in North Hollywood, so I could not appear in court to defend myself.  Of course, these court orders were granted, even though the allegations were pure and utter bullshit.  As I was starving to death on the streets of LA, I published publicly that I would accept service if a reputable PI with a valid ID contacted me.  Instead, they hired a process server, lied to him and told him I was dodging them, lured me across the city, filmed me being served and posted it on YouTube, marketed to every film and TV professional in LA.

Only one month ago, fearing that I was going to die on the street, I made a last-ditch effort to save my life and returned to my hometown of Akron, Ohio. Within one week, a warrant was issued for my arrest, in Franklin County, saying I had “harassed Peter John Ross” even though I am the actual victim and Franklin County knows this.  There is so much evidence that Franklin County was aware, that no attorney in Columbus, Ohio will take my case, for fear of retaliation.  Many of them have told me I am clearly being framed for a crime.   The public defender has also declined to work with me, so I as all of this happening, I no have access to an attorney.

The charges allegedly occurred in late 2018 and early 2019, when I was still rich.  Instead of charging me back then, when I could defend myself, the prosecutor’s office laid in wait, watched Ross and friends drain me until I had nothing left. The moment I was vulnerable and could not defend myself, they struck, making the ridiculous allegation that it took them an entire year to investigate the case, a blatant fabrication of reality.


Once they managed to get me charged with a crime, they could finally exact their plot to erase my career from existence.  Only 8 months before, they caused my former business partner, Alex, to turn on me, triggering the loss of my funding.  When Alex struck, he deleted my entire seven-year activism career, stole my hosting packages from me, took off with the credit card records that confirm most of my story, and left me for dead.   Within a month, my .org and my activism site, Matthew Berdyck Activism were gone.  He also took off with the hosting package for my media outlet, Daily Independent Journal.  Encompassing those three sites, my entire career was erased, all of it, leaving me scrambling to restore my sites.  Losing those sites was like having my children murdered directly in front of me.  Everything I had ever been was gone, while I was homeless.

Slowly, Ross and friends began registering the lost websites, over the last month.  Each website was registered and rebranded as a commercial for the Nowhere Man film, calling me a troll.  The first site they got was, the former site for my 2013 homelessness documentary Blame Reagan, which now redirects to the Nowhere Man website.   The second site they took was, by registering   The third website they took was, by registering   Only yesterday, they took Matthew Berdyck Activism and rebranded it as a website for Nowhere Man.  I learn only minutes ago that they took by registering

A comment was placed on my page last week that says the moment I turn myself in on the charges, they are going to file reports with ICANN, claiming my registration information is not correct.  If I am in jail, I will not be able to respond to the complaints and the rest of my websites will disappear, my entire activism career fully erased from existence.  What’s more disturbing is that the Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office is aware of this scheme and is going right along with it.

Where Is A Reputable Third Party Journalist?

Several days ago, I publicly challenged Mr. Ross to locate a reputable third party unbiased journalist to watchdog his production, after he made a blatantly false short film about our recent appearance on the Dr. Phil Show, that was later canceled.  Fully aware that I have spent the last 7 years fighting tooth and nail to get media, only generating 9 sentences of coverage, he told me it was my job to find a journalist to watchdog his production.   I told him, “If you’re telling the truth then you should have no issue finding someone to make sure you’re acting in a reputable manner.”

He would not do it.  He won’t do it because if a reputable journalist gets involved, his ruse will end and my life and career will be saved from destruction.




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