Peter John Ross Continues To Attack And Manipulate An Innocent Community

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Peter John Ross Continues To Attack And Manipulate An Innocent Community

April 30, 2020 Uncategorized 0

On Thursday, April 30th, 2020, Peter John Ross posted a link on his Nowhere Man fan page to what he called “The Real Daily Independent Journal.”  The site that he linked to,, is not the real Daily Independent Journal, as I can state this because I am the owner of Daily Independent Journal. Ross and his friends have stolen my online media outlet.

The article, published on his Nowhere Man page, is false information that is being targeted at the citizens of Castle Homes, in Akron, Ohio.  Mr. Ross and his friends are attempting to disrupt my efforts to get the Summit Equipment & Supplies Superfund site cleaned up after EPA records revealed that portions of the soil, outside the perimeter fence of the site, were not remediated during the original Superfund cleanup, which was completed in 2000.

In 2014, a map was created, based on data points from the US EPA’s records, of the areas that had not been cleaned up.  WEWS news reporter, Joe Pagoniakis, submitted the site map to the US EPA Region 5 Office, but they did not respond to his inquiries.  Only last week, I submitted all of this to the US EPA Office of Inspector General’s Office and a “hotline number” is currently being generated.

Mr. Ross has used this stolen version of my website to proclaim that I am attempting to scare the community into donating money to my cause.  Yet, as the record reflects, I do not raise money for toxic waste causes.  The EPA records also reflect that my assertions about the areas that have not been cleaned up are also correct.

The article he has shared claims that the US EPA website discredits my work.  This is not true.  My work is in relation to the soil outside the perimeter fence, not the groundwater inside the SES site.  Mr. Ross and friend’s attempts to manipulate the community and spread false information have been sent to the Akron Mayor’s office, with proof that the US EPA Inspector General’s Office did, in fact, write back, and open a hotline case.

Mr. Ross is knowingly circulating disinformation in my community and is assisting with a massive cybercrime that is being committed against me in Akron, Ohio.

As all of this is happening, all of my websites are being stolen by a party connected to Mr. Ross. has been replaced with has been replaced with is being replaced with

Meanwhile, in Columbus, Ohio, the Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office is protecting Mr. Ross and his friends from prosecution, by running a bogus criminal case against me, for no other reason than to protect themselves from allegations of corruption.  I have evidence that shows they are aware of everything that is happening to me, that they are assisting Mr. Ross by blocking me from seeking out police assistance in my own city.

The plan is to get me arrested, put in jail, and the moment I am incarcerated, they are going to file complaints with ICANN to get my websites removed from the internet, something I won’t be able to stop because I will not be available to file counter-notices.  Once my sites are gone, the new sites will replace my old ones in Google results, and my environmental career will be permanently erased.

As the City of Akron has witnessed, I am being harassed and stalked 24 hours a day, while Franklin County provides the wall of protection Ross needs to get away with his crimes against my community, including my efforts to clean up the woods around the Summit Equipment and Supplies Superfund site, where children can currently be found playing.

It seems that killing a few children means nothing to Ross and Franklin County.

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