Internet Conspiracy Theory: What Exactly Am I Running From Again?

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Internet Conspiracy Theory: What Exactly Am I Running From Again?

April 10, 2020 Diane Dimond Ernest Halcon Jayne Hitchcock Peter John Ross 0

It’s been a long-held, publicly broadcasted, massive internet conspiracy that I am on the run from authorities, the government, or police.  The rumor has become so prolific that it’s pretty much taken on a life of its own.  The conspiracy theory is apparent by the fact that any capable investigator could locate internet posts that I was “on the run,” they could find my location, and compare the data to traffic stop information which shows there were dozens of times that it was published on the internet that I was running from the law, as I was pulled over getting a traffic ticket and laughing with the cop about what had been printed on the internet.

My opponents have what I call barking dog syndrome.  Any U.S. mail carrier could explain it.  When a dog sees a stranger it begins to bark.  If the stranger is just walking past the house and keeps going, the dog will become convinced, via Pavlovian behavior, that its barking caused the stranger to walk away.  After this scenario plays out enough times, the dog becomes convinced that its barking has scared people away, when this is not true, which is why the dog barks, to begin with.

My enemies, who at their core, are mindless animals, have exploited the fact that I am traveling the country, believing that they have chased me out of town after town, simply because I happened to have left after they started circulating false information, or disinformation.   They then claim, publicly, that I was running from the police when I left.

I believe that over the years, their echo chamber has created the belief, in their own minds, that they are correct when they make these statements.  It’s as if they forget they are smearing my name with lies and have fallen for their own conspiracy theory.   But no matter what, the reason I have left town, no matter what it really happens to be, is always attributed to running from the law.

A great example of this is when I left Warren County for personal safety reasons, after being threatened with physical harm by dozens of citizens.  Even though I had kept in close contact with Gordon Foster, a Warren County Sheriff investigator, the entire time, I was accused of running from the law.  Foster even conducted an investigation and established a police report over the trespassing incidents at my home and break-ins to my vehicle.  He implemented patrols in my neighborhood.  He did all of this because I am the one that called him.

Only a week later, I traveled into Flint, Michigan, after Mayor Karen Weaver had publicly referred to me as the “rich white man who offered to fund Arthur Woodson,” attempting to portray the African American man who was running a recall election against her, as an Uncle Tom, trying to turn the 60% black voter base against him.  I created a film that countered her claims, released it, generated widespread public attention, and caused citizens of Flint to contact me about environmental issues.  During that time, I also ran blast marketing campaigns that worked to help pass the new city charter.

Sometimes, in my case, the internet and real-life never agree with each other, based on the fact that I have people like Peter John Ross, Diane Dimond, Ernest Halcon, and Bob Bowcock attempting to portray a wholly false narrative about me.  So as they were claiming I was on the run from the law in Warren County, not only was I working with Gordon Foster, I was also working with former Mayor Dayne Walling, due to a report that was filed with that there was a potential TCE issue in the downtown area that may have caused health issues for past postal workers.

I think it’s clear that if an activist stands up to a sitting mayor, as that activist is actively running massive political campaigns, that they are going to experience retaliation.  This is exactly what happened.  Of course, perfectly on cue, one of these people was sent copies of the dismissed Civil Stalking Protection Order that had been filed by Ross in Franklin County, Ohio.  As usual, they were not sent the disposition of the case.  They were only sent the initial filing.  They were told that I was on the run and that people needed to find me.  As these court records swirled around the city, with citizens of Flint even posting Matthew Berdyck sightings, I made no effort to leave town.

However, having those dismissed court records circulated around town began to tarnish my reputability, damaging my ability to rally people to the cause of triggering an investigation into the TCE matter.  The investigation was intended to determine the depth of the plume and request a sub-surface vapor intrusion investigation, to make sure that the people in the downtown area were not being exposed to TCE vapor.  Dayne Walling supported this and I wrote to the UC Berkeley Superfund Research program to ask for assistance.

At the time I had a pile of money.  I was exploring buying a few houses, fixing them up, and giving them away for free to residents in need.  I also needed to go to a few other places and look at properties, as well, like the Upper Penninsula, a few properties in Colorado, and a home next to Mount St Helens, in Washington State.  Once my work was finished, as the town was being turned against me, using the court records from Franklin County, I left to go conduct other business elsewhere because that’s what I do.

The moment I left, I could almost hear my enemies high-fiving each other as they bragged that they had called the police on me and I had fled.  And, when they would do this to me, there was nothing I could say or do to convince them of my actual intentions.  They’d made up their minds, they’d created their own reality, and I was “on the run from the law.”  Dealing with it is maddening, constantly having your own intentions re-written to match someone else’s political agenda.

The same thing later happened in St. Joseph, when I’d left town to go look at a property in Colorado.  Even though I had called the police myself, and invited the cops and FBI right to my office, somehow, when I left to head west, I was branded as running from the law.  Checking the record, I didn’t even move my stuff out of town until months later after the cast of the Nowhere Man film threatened to cause physical harm to me if I ever returned to the city.

This didn’t stop Erin Brockovich’s water guy from writing to me to tell me, “The cops chased you out of town!”  No, they didn’t, and if one listens to the MBVR interview with Ramey Memo, Garner Quillion says, “Do what we did, chase him out of your town.”

Of course, getting into a matter of law, it was roughly eight months ago when I was at a bar with the former prosecutor for Eugene, Oregon, when he pointed out that there is actually a civil right, called Right to Travel, which carefully details out that a US citizen has a right to travel freely, from state to state, and not be treated as an outsider.  So the Ramey Memo interview was nothing less than a commercial for telling people to violate my civil rights.

Since I was disabled, at the time, it was also a federally regulated hate crime to “chase my crippled ass out of town,” as well.

The matter, only in the last few months, got even more convoluted when I’d offered to accept service of a series of restraining orders, with the condition that the process server meet with me, away from my home.  Based on the trespassing incidents that had occurred in Warren County and in St. Joe, I do everything I can to keep my location private.  Rather than have them contact in me in advance and arrange service, an anonymous e-mail address was used to start harassing the person I was staying with.  Out of nowhere, Frank threw me out when he became convinced that I was behind the anonymous e-mails.

I ended up homeless in LA, as a result, as I continued to offer to accept service.  Instead, they hired a process server to lure me across the city, and create a video of me being served, only to make it appear like I was on the run.

Alex’s restraining order was the most obvious example of me not running because he was my e-mail and web hosting administrator.  He could read my outgoing and incoming e-mails, as well as send them from the editor address.  He had my IP location, from the moment he filed his order.   He knew where I was in Des Moines.  He knew when I was sitting in Buffalo Wild Wings on Hollywood Blvd, fighting to get the ventilation system fixed.  He knew I was in Eugene, at Stan’s house, from logins to my hosting packages.

No matter what Chris Cannon tried to say, Alex, of all people, knew exactly where I was, every single day of that court case.  I know this because we installed software to track the owner of the MrDreamTheater2 account to a home in Minneapolis.  Part of my own ruses have been to use low-quality Worpress sites as fronts for technologically advanced back ends, capable of identifying and tracking visitors, in an effort to identify anonymous harassers.

For them to take court cases, run them from thousands of miles away, while I experiencing the homelessness they’d created for me, by harassing the people where I was living, and use them to portray me as not willing to show up in court, is absurd.   It’s an internet conspiracy theory and a bold-faced lie.  I am not running from any law enforcement agency, court, or anyone else for that matter.   I cannot wait to have the opportunity to prove all of this in a court of law.


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