Peter John Ross Is The Scariest Human Being I Have Ever Met In My Life

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Peter John Ross Is The Scariest Human Being I Have Ever Met In My Life

April 8, 2020 Peter John Ross 0

Come over here. Sit down for a spell. Let me tell you a story about Columbus filmmaker, Peter John Ross, who in my opinion, is one of the sickest fucks I have ever encountered in my life. What did he do to earn such dark distinction? Mostly, it’s because he’s obsessed with me to the nth degree.  He’s worked many years to establish himself as the ipso-facto authority on all things Matthew Berdyck.

Only this morning, contacting me from the 46th Facebook account he’s created in the last week, he told me, he can prove my entire story about my medical history and drug use is not true.  How can he make such a claim?  He says he’s talked to everyone in my past.  Oddly, since the story has been a secret since last night, it’s bizarre than within 12 hours he claims that he can prove the story false.

For example, he claims I wasn’t subject to experimental drugs.  How could he even claim this without ever seeing my medical records?  For many years, I was a part of medical trials for new medications.  The doctor would say, “While this drug isn’t approved by the FDA for this use, it’s been shown in clinical trials to help <insert condition here>.”  I would then be placed into a class of people who were part of further medical trials, or subject to experimental drugs.  For the record, none of them ever worked and all of them fucked me up in some way.

At this point, for most people, the matter would be settled.  They’d say, “Oh I didn’t know that, sorry.”  Not for Mr. Ross.  If you ask him, he approaches me from the viewpoint of everything he says is a lie until you get proof.  Rather than just let me tell my story, he then says something like, “I’m going to need to see your medical records.”

I’m sure that most people could understand that it would be unreasonable to share medical records with a stranger from the internet.  Not Peter.  His ego tells him he has the right to demand unreasonable things.  If I don’t share my medical records, he says, “Busted in another lie!”  Repeat this about five-thousand times, tell the truth every time, but don’t comply with some sickly obsessed fan, as he is, and soon he’ll say, “I’ve got five-thousand examples of you lying.”  This created his latest allegation, “Matthew Berdyck is a pathological liar, so you need to ask for proof.”

I can’t even take a shit without giving him evidence of the corn count.  If I don’t take a photo of the turd and show it to him, he says, “Another lie!”  It’s really crazy, really, really crazy.

Another part of his terrifying MO is that not only is everything I say automatically a lie, everything everyone else says about me is automatically true, regardless if the person saying it has no credibility, whatsoever.  The greatest example of this is when my best friend’s sister got angry and started posting alleged things from my past.  Since it’s my life, I knew exactly where her claims had come from, her brother, or my best friend.  He also didn’t know everything that was going on in my life.  It didn’t stop him from speculating.

During one of my suicide attempts, I’d overdosed and ended up having my stomach pumped at Barberton Hospital.  Of course, since I kept everything quiet, he didn’t know there was a suicide attempt when I called him and asked him to pick me up from the hospital.  He only knew that I was so out of it, that I didn’t know what hospital I was at.  When he figured out that I didn’t know where I was, he said, “Dude, if you don’t even know where you are, I’m not picking you up.”

His little sister was in the room.  She was probably 7 years old.  She overheard the conversation and listened to my friend say that I called him from the hospital all fucked up, probably looking for drugs.  During the years before I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, it was common for people to not believe victims of the now confirmed and FDA approved illness.  I’m not alone in that sentiment.  Even doctors told people they were crazy and imagining it, until it was proven to exist and later physiologically explained.  Until I had a diagnosis, there were many people who didn’t believe I was sick.

Later, by the time I confirmation the illness many people said I never had, I was alone and isolated, so that moment of vindication never came.   Not long after, I left town.  The false information that had been spread had infected my life but I never bothered to correct it.  There are still people, to this day, who are unaware of the Cleveland Clinic records that show I am sick with multiple illnesses, who will swear up and down I faked an illness.  And according to Ross, he’s talked to all of them, which to me, is pretty fucking scary.

Fast forward to 2013, the release of my film Poison in the Grapes.  Here comes my friend’s little sister, now in her late 20’s, repeating something she heard when she was seven, that was never true, to begin with.  But in Rossland, with no confirmation whatsoever, it’s true.  He only needs proof of things I say.  No one else is required to present a shred of evidence.  If you demand proof from he says, “Wait for my film.”  The end result will be that he will present the words, as fact, of many people who are wrong.

I can say this, there is a doctor out there who conducted an investigation to see if I had been seeking medication, as a part of taking me into his practice, at Norton Family Practice.  He determined that this was not true, which was what allowed me to get into pain management, with Dr. Bressy, the Ohio doctor who was later tried and acquitted of raping his patients while they were sedated, in which one of the victims was my own grandmother.

The part of Ross that makes me fear him is the fact that he won’t stop contacting me.  The reality is that he is free to publish anything he wants. If I feel something is libelous or slanderous, I am free to sue him.  In terms of dealing with him, I lust let him say whatever he wants and resist the urge to contact and debate him, because it will be three minutes before he says, “Maybe your father didn’t beat you and rape you hard enough for you to learn.”  Sadly, there is no law against someone being a piece of shit.  So his vile responses to trying to correct what he says, are legal.  In this way, he says, “I have broken no laws.”

Even the smallest, tiniest response to anything he says, will be blown out of proportion.  Calling him out on it is next to impossible because he’s fully prepared for that.  You’ll be psychologically projecting your own traits onto him, according to him.  When you realize that this man has no self-awareness, it’s disquieting.  He can claim the same thing about me but I have never been accused by any medical professional of not being aware of myself.  I’ve actually been revealed to be hyper-self-aware, almost neurotic, enduring an almost crippling habit of intense self-analysis, trying to find the problem and solve it.

Even since yesterday, when I published that I had psychotic episodes, he’s already zeroed in on that and used it to tell me that I am hallucinating everything I say about him, asking, “How do you know if any of this even happened, since you had psychotic episodes?”  He’s taking my need and desire to tell my story and using my catharsis as a weapon, so one can only imagine what he’d do if he actually got ahold of my medical records.  I’m sure that just like my court records from West Virginia, they’d be posted by someone he knows, and he’d claim he did not post them so he could not be held responsible.

That’s his thing, getting others to do his dirty work for him and then claiming he is innocent and committed no crime.

Think of how much information he’d be able to obtain about me if I held a trial.   How does one think that information would be used?  Peter John Ross does not want justice, he wants access to medical records and sealed family court records, so that the next time I try to expose a corrupt elected official or cancer cluster, he’s got even more ammo to use against me while claiming that my “victims have suffered.”

Challenging him to explain how my “victims have suffered” leads to no evidence that anyone suffered.  And I’m not trying to be like him but I’d truly like to see who has suffered and how.  He’s even more terrifying because he’s got everyone around him roped into this ruse.  They think he’s the nicest guy.   Of course, everyone also thought the BTK Killer, Dennis Rader, was a nice guy, also.  Point this out and the Ross camp immediately claims I’m “obsessed with mass murders.”

No, no.  I’m not part of the serial killer fan club but I do happen to have been at a lot of mass shootings, due to my career.  I did create a film about mass shootings and my belief that it isn’t guns that were responsible but that it was about the closure of the state institutions and bullying.  The project was called 3000: The Dead of Winter and Ross and his “first group” wrecked that project and then claimed I was a potential mass shooter.

Ross toadie, Diane Dimond, in her interview, tells a harrowing story of how she tried to get me arrested for being a mass murderer.   My assumption is that one would have to commit mass murder, for this to be true, but in Rossland, this doesn’t matter.

If I could say anything to Peter John Ross, to his face, it would be, “Hey bro, you’re making a movie about me.  I am going to respond.  This is allowed.  You’ve got your platform, and I have mine.  Since you feel you are so right, you shouldn’t feel the need to come to my site – which only has one fan – and spent every waking moment making 46 Facebook accounts to, as you said, “respond to me responding to you.”  Why not let the people decide for themselves and if your claims are legit, then surely you’ll eventually get as famous as I am?  Is your film project really that fucking weak?”

Cue up his next response, “This film isn’t about you, you don’t even know what it’s about.”

OK, psycho pants.


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