SEO, Marketing, Reputation Management, PR, and Viral Media Training Program

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SEO, Marketing, Reputation Management, PR, and Viral Media Training Program

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All one needs to do is Google the phrase Matthew Berdyck to gain a quick understanding of my vast professional experience with Search Engine Optimization.  While most average citizens, many of which are unaware that SEO exists, would see a lot of negative information, the trained eye can quickly spot that I have been targeted by a master level black hat SEO expert, one who has inadvertently allowed me to spend the last seven years studying their aggressive but impressively crafted techniques.

My prior experience as a software tester for a fortune 100 company, coupled with my ability to analyze and detect the structure of systems, allowed me to rapidly pick apart their complex campaigns and understand their demented methodology.   My opponents have exploited every known tactic for manipulating search results, even using highly specialized geographically diverse, multi-user based campaigns to manipulate suggested search results and autofill results.

As I had always stated, being faced with this opponent has been corrosive to my career but it’s also been nothing less than a guerilla schooling in how to completely rearrange search results while using creative ways to trick search engines into thinking they are reading an organic campaign, rather than an SEO effort; arguably the hardest part of keeping SEO efforts alive and well as search companies continually modify their algo’s to meet an onslaught of traditional SEO tactics.

My edge over my opponents has always been the fact that I have traveled over 660,000 miles to 2,700 cities, fighting battles to expose cancer clusters, exposing corruption, investigating Superfund sites, while conducting social-engineering-based localized investigation into toxic waste sites.  My travels have awarded me with what I call a General’s perspective on the very diverse geopolitical bubbles that exist, in the United States.  In short, I’ve met your audience and I have interacted with them, personally.

On average, I have been able to generate roughly 60% to 80% of a voting population, in any given city, town, or village.   These skills especially translate well into assisting companies that move their product sales from one location to the next; touring companies, as I call them.  I’ve even got the logistical routing skills and travel booking experience to assist a company with minimizing travel costs while maximizing localized ROI.

One special skill I have developed is the use of social media for intelligence gathering, exploiting specialized and carefully crafted campaigns to extract various types of hard to find data.  One example would be using a branded social media campaign to gather background history on a toxic wastes site, information that may only exist within the local lore of a community and not officially documented in EPA, DOE, OR DOD records.  This type of campaign also be exploited to gather the buying history of your audience or to size up the volume of your competitor’s sales.

Throughout my career, I have learned the art of the use of press releases, news pieces, and various types of media to generate highly effective third-party sourced content, giving your business the strong media presence it deserves.  My career in film assures that I can direct you to the appropriate publicists, journalists, and media outlets that will bring your product or idea to the mainstream and make your company a household name.

After running organizations, running my own media outlet, and making films, I have become nothing less than a man with a particular set of skills.

A strong SEO campaign can cost a minimum of $3,000 to $10,000 a month, creating an ongoing and revolving cost for companies.  I believe most SEO companies are exploitative in this manner, especially when it comes to reputation management.

Most of the top SEO companies in the country have told me that it would cost anywhere from $25,000 to $50,000 a month to fight my opponents, leaving me with upwards a half a million dollars a year just to maintain a positive reputation for myself, free of the web of absurdly misleading and flat out false content I am dealing with.

My way of doing things is simple.  For a much lower cost, over a fixed period of time, I can assist your company with the development of powerful SEO standards and practices, eventually allowing your organization to handle everything in house, without the ongoing fees, while offering you a singularly unique and original system.  When I walk away from your organization, your staff will be fully ready and able to maintain a stronghold on your search results and viral marketing that cannot be beaten.

In my case, I am dealing with a wall of opponents that have been gathered out of my political enemies all over the country, making it a full-time job for me to try to maintain my reputation. In your case, without the type of opposition I am dealing with, your company will become unstoppable, a driving and ground-breaking force in your industry.

I am urging you to Google my name and witness the destruction that has been caused to my name and reputation.  Instead of ostracizing me, use your forward-thinking vision to understand how my negative experiences, activism battles, filmmaking, and writing careers, can be spun into your success.   Use my own losses to benefit yourself and we all win.

The best part, with me working privately, behind the scenes, with public links between myself and your company, your competition will never know what hit them.

Thank you,

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