How I Ended Up Homeless In Los Angeles

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How I Ended Up Homeless In Los Angeles

February 16, 2020 Uncategorized 0


The series of events that landed me homeless in Los Angeles is nothing less than the fodder for a good old fashioned American corruption story.  I ended up out here suffering because of a series of events that began in July of 2018, in St. Joseph, Missouri.

I’d move to St. Joe around May of 2018, rented a nice condo and a 1000 sq ft office/warehouse space.  The plan was to live quietly, open my wagyu beef distribution company and retire from my film and activism career.  After years of traveling the country, fighting powerful causes, I’d had enough.

Late one night, I’d been tearing out the walls of the business space, preparing my freezer room and setting up my film and audio recording studio.  I went for a drive to get something to eat.  When I’d arrived at the IHOP, I witnessed a man assaulting a woman.

I went into the restaurant to ask for help protecting the woman.  Instead of helping me, I was physically attacked by three hillbillies, one of which called me a queer and assaulted me.  I tried to get the police to help me but they refused.  I later learned that in St. Joe the violent crime rate had risen 56% in the last 7 years, giving it the 7th fastest rising crime rate in the country, according to USA Today.

When I went to the local media to talk about the corruption that I was witnessing and experiencing .they refused to write about it, including the fact that I’d been assaulted and the police refused to take a report.  Realizing I was on my own, I started my own media outlet in the city, called Daily Independent Journal.  We’d vowed to work to reform the police.

Daily Independent Journal quickly blew up, generating over 68,000 readers in the first week, in a city with 80,000 people.  We became the most widely read newspaper in the area, very quickly.  This, of course, didn’t sit right with the local police, media, and elected officials.  They didn’t want some “loud mouth” going and improving the quality of life for the citizens.

This is when Councilman-at-large Brian Myers showed up.  Myers turned out to be the most corrupt official in the city, with his own constituents calling him a “typical beard necked cunt.”  Myers vowed to destroy me and chase me out of the city.  To do this he posted that I was a fraud, a con man, and a scammer who didn’t own a business.

All it took was one Facebook post to turn thousands of unsuspecting citizens against me.  I soon became inundated with threats of violence, hundreds of harassing messages, and subject to a massive smear campaign designed to undermine my authority.  Before long, Myers enlisted a group of his friends to begin working to get rid of me.

Over the next few months, I was slathered with threats of violence, they spread rumors that I had AIDS, they told me I’d be beaten if I ever came back to town.  The police, media, and other elected officials went right along with it.  I was even denied access to filing police reports.

Months later, realizing my personal safety was in danger, I packed up everything I owned, put it in storage, and began trying to look for another home.  I had about $20,000 left and it was rapidly being drained as I was incurring close to $6000 a month in travel and hotel fees.

Over the next year, Myers and his cohorts created fake e-mail addresses and close to 65 fake social media accounts, which they used to wage an aggressive harassment campaign against me, to today, where I’m still being harassed and have received close to 400,000 social media and e-mail contacts, an effort that goes on 24 hours a day.

They also began harassing my business  partner and his family, and would not relent.  Eventually, due to everything that happened, we both ran out of money, causing him to bail on me in August.  At the time, I had $46,000 worth of belongings in a storage space.  Only a week later, after the owner of the space read Myers’ fake blogs about me, she threw me out and trashed everything I owned, leaving me living under a bridge, as the councilman came to my fan pages and publicly harassed my fans.

Over the next six months, I’d found a few places to live but every time I’d get comfortable they’d locate the person I was living with and turn them against me by sending them a web of false information.  They’ve now done this to me twice, making this the third time I’ve been homeless in LA in the last 6 months.

Only yesterday, Myers sent me a half a dozen harassing e-mails, which he also send directly to the LA County DA, mocking me because no one will arrest him.

As of now, I’m doing everything I can to get back on my feet and neck to work, but this elected official has decided to keep me homeless for the rest of my life.   Hopefully, as my story continues to get out, this man will be brought to justice.




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