My Opponents’ Echo Chamber Lives On But Won’t Hold Up In Court

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My Opponents’ Echo Chamber Lives On But Won’t Hold Up In Court

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The myth that I have dodged lawsuits or restraining orders was created by a man named Peter John Ross, a filmmaker in Columbus, Ohio, who has been stalking me for close to seven years.

Over the years, Ross and his friends have used this myth and developed it to the point where it’s become an urban legend, one which proliferates and continues to this day, a conspiracy theory, taken to it’s most ridiculous extremes.   There is even a video of someone who hired a process server to locate me even though I’d publicly and repeatedly stated that a sheriff needed to contact me and I would gladly accept any court papers.

For me, it’s like living in a parallel universe where there are two of me, one person living one life and another with the same name living an entirely different life, separate from anything that is happening in my own reality.

Part of this scheme involved the fact that I have traveled to so many cities; 2,700 in the last seven years.  I would expose corruption or toxic waste, in a town, get in my car, drive to the next town, and suddenly, my political opponents would claim I was “on the run from the police.”   There have been many times where it’s been posted that I was “on the run” as I was in the middle of being pulled over, receiving a traffic ticket, clearly not wanted by the police.

It was Peter John Ross that started this alternate reality, in 2016, when he walked into a courtroom in Ohio, filed a Civil Stalking Protection Order against me, even though I had never met him in my entire life.  Even though I’d spent months of my life and thousands of dollars trying to appear in Ohio, he’d told the public that I was dodging the filing.

The reality is that I had not dodged the filing at all.  I’d simply wanted to accept service by appearing, so I could tell my side of the story, rather than the one-sided version of events Ross had told.  I made every effort to make the trip from Oregon to Ohio to appear but by the time I’d made it to the East Coast, the case had been dismissed.

Roughly 8 months later, when I was exposing the Jennifer McDonald scandal, Ross sent e-mails to the media, elected officials and police, with copies of the dismissed records, without saying they had been dismissed, attempting to pull a ruse on the leaders of Warren County, trying to make me look disreputable.

By March of 2017, I’d made it to Flint, where I’d identified a plume of Trichloroethylene (TCE) in the groundwater, downtown.  As I worked to investigate the  contamination, with the help of former Flint Mayor Dayne Walling, once again, Ross and his dismissed court papers emerged and were circulated all over the city, with the statement, “We need to find him.”

Citizens fell for this scam, once again, and actively started seeking me out, even going as far as to post “Matthew Berdyck sightings.”  As usual, I completely ignored it, continued to do my work, eventually leaving the lead polluted city when I was finished.  As soon as I left, I was publicly accused of fleeing the city of Flint, running from the police.

I began to understand that my opponents live in an echo chamber, they believe their own circular logic, and that they have what I would call barking dog syndrome.   As one is walking past a home where a dog is present, the dog will start barking, in an effort to scare away it’s perceived intruder.  Once the person walking past the house has cleared the property, the dog is now convinced that it’s chased the person away, when they were just walking by the house and continuing on.

As the years passed on, Ross and his friends continued scamming people with the “We need to find him” scam.  The whole situation started becoming even more absurd when Ross associated Jayne Hitchcock, who claims to be an anti-cyberbullying expert, conducted an audio interview detailing how she was calling around police agencies telling them I was “on the run” and needed to find me.

And from city to city, year to year, these people continued to proliferate this myth, slowly teaching me that all of them are suffering from some form of a collective hallucination, to the point that I have no ability to determine my own reality.  No matter what happens in my life, no matter what I do, no matter what reasons I have for my actions, Ross and friends erase that and replace it with their own version of events.

In 2018, they pulled the same schemes in Des Moines and St. Joseph, Missouri, continuing to pump out the myth that I was running from the police, when there are my own e-mail records from both cities that shows why I had actually left.

In Des Moines, I’d learned that my landlord was building a new development on top of a toxic waste dump.  As the founder of, and a person who is opposed to building on toxic waste sites, I didn’t want my rent money to contribute to developing a future cancer cluster.  So I moved.

As soon as I left, Ross and his group of ‘Matthew Berdyck Truthers’ started pumping out the rhetoric, creating their own series of events.  St. Joseph was no different.   After the FBI showed up at the offices of my then media outlet Daily Independent Journal, I’d already purchased a plot of land in Colorado.  I had already been planning to go visit my new land.  But as soon as I left, they started again, “He’s on the run from the cops.”

Another Ross associate, Bob Bowcock, Erin Brockovich’s water guy, even sent me an e-mail, “The cops chased you out of town,” leaving me in a state of confusion.   Eventually, after I realized that I couldn’t get police services.  I had been the victim of an assault after photos of my cars had been posted from trespassing incidents, after I had been threatened with violence if I ever returned, I paid a mover get my stuff out of there.

In November of 2019, I started receiving threats from an e-mail address known to be connected to Ross, Hitchcock, Bowcock, and others, telling me they were going to orchestrate a web of restraining orders against me.  One week later, they did just that.  Three people, in three cities, all connected to each other, filed court cases against me.

Immediately, I put up a post stating that if anyone wanted to serve me with court papers, they just needed to have a Sheriff contact me and I would gladly meet them to sign for the documents.  Instead of doing this, I became inundated with threats from an anonymous Facebook account, threatening me, saying, “I will find you!” Only two months later, they located where I lived and started harassing the people I live with, posing as me.

The man I lived with became convinced I was e-mail harassing him and threw me out into the street.  I realized that much like other cities, they were going to trespass at my house, take photos, start sending e-mails to police and elected officials, filled with false claims, and that I had to go.

Once I go to LA, I was destitute and homeless.  I had no money.  I couldn’t even afford to eat.  To solve these problems I put a piece of equipment up for sale on Craigslist.  I was contacted by a buyer who had me spend the last money I had to travel across the city.  When I got there, hopeful that I would sell my item, instead I was met with a process server.

Their echo chamber, Matthew Berdyck Truther fantasy has finally manifested into a situation where they actually paid money to have me served with documents I would have readily accepted had they just got a Sheriff to contact me.

Once I was served, I started getting harassing e-mails from Councilman Brian Myers, in St. Joseph, Missouri, the very Councilman who had fought me and destroyed my newspaper, telling me that now I had to live in fear, that now I would have to worry that every person who contacted me on Craigslist would be a process server.

Finally, their massive scheme completed, a video was posted of me being served, with the people I was never running from declaring victory, leaving me now publicly branded as a guy who was dodging service who was never dodging service.  I now have no legal recourse against these people.   The video is out there.  The damages is done.

All I am left with now is to show up at these court cases and tell the above story with evidence.  All of these people who filed these are left explain one glaring reality, all of the public harassment, private threats, contacts to my roommates, the videos posted, articles.

I am still homeless.  And now that homeless guy is going to show up in court, in each city, and explain that he is homeless because of the court cases, because of an online conspiracy created by Peter John Ross and his merry band of psycho stalkers.   If they want me there so bad, I’ll be there.

I’d give my last drop of blood to see these people explain themselves and everything they’ve done to me.

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