The Wandering Plains Wagyu Story

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The Wandering Plains Wagyu Story

November 29, 2018 Wandering Plains Wagyu 0

The story of Wandering Plains Wagyu is really no less absurd than any other story in my 7-year career.

It was three years ago when Diane Dimond, the journalist who exposed the Michael Jackson child molestation allegations, wrote the most absurd and brainless false news article about me, and featured it on  A cursory examination of Diane’s career reveals that even her own former employers have called her credibility into question, including CNN.

After the article was published, I wasn’t really sure who she was, because her star fell from Hollywood long before I arrived on the scene.   I looked her up and saw a book she had published about legendary White House Gate Crasher Tareq Salahi.  This was interesting because Teraq actually lived right down the road from me, at the time, in Front Royal, Virginia.

Wanting to find out if Diane was legit, or if she was just some washed up troll looking to use my name to keep her career alive, I’d contacted Tareq, who wrote back a few days later and invited me to one of his lavish parties.

The answer to my question about Diane turned out to be the latter, Diane saw my millions and millions of readers and had decided to sponge off of my audience, because no one is interested enough in her to read anything she writes.  She’s always been a leach like that. Her entire business model seems to be piggybacking off of the careers of others because if she talked about herself, no one would care.

After we’d met and hit it off, Teraq invited me to Ruth’s Chris at Crystal City, in D.C.  Even though I had made quite a bit of money, by this time, I’d not yet discovered the world of upscale steakhouses.

Once I’d eaten at Ruth’s Chris, I was hooked.  I became obsessed with traveling the country in search of the best steak money could buy.  As I traveled the country, I’d sampled every steak house I could find, Morton’s, Ruth’s Chris, Fleming’s, 801 Chophouse, Del Monico’s, Del Frisco’s, Elway’s, Mastro’s Ocean Club, and on and on.

It was my visit to Mastro’s in Malibu, where I discovered Japanese wagyu beef, after dining there with a famous Hollywood producer.  Once I’d tasted that buttery, tender, goodness, that is wagyu, I decided that I was going to create my own personal line of Wagyu beef, and work to create the best steaks money could buy, for a sheerly selfish reason, I wanted good steaks at home.

For a year of my life, I traveled the country, again, from farm to farm, in search of the best wagyu I could find, until I located what I thought was the best steak I had ever eaten and then set out to make it better, via a custom aging process.  You could say, at that point, I bought the farm while being more alive that I’ve ever been in my entire life.

One of my other neighbors in Virginia, other than Teraq, was John Duvall, actors Robert and Shelley’s cousin, who owns a beef farm.  While I had been living there, John taught me the ins and outs of purchasing whole cows, having them processed, taught me about supply chains, logistics, giving me nothing less than an expert level crash course in running a beef distribution company.

Months later, Wandering Plains Wagyu was born, which in my opinion, is simply the best Japanese Wagyu beef The United States has to offer.

While I’d never considering a path in life that led to me selling steaks, the marriage of my experience with fine dining, my peer network, and my travels presented an open road to a new path in life, one far less controversial than investigating government corruption, and cancer clusters.  Instead of exposing controversy, I’m now working to expose how unbelievably delicious these steaks are.

In the end, Diane had tried to destroy me, with a false news article.  Instead of wrecking me, her actions had the unintended consequence of setting me on a path to creating a successful business, created a great group of friends who I love and cherish to this day, and it created the best damn steak money can buy.

That’s real Karma.



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