Public Message To Vigilante Group From Alex Hwang

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Public Message To Vigilante Group From Alex Hwang

July 10, 2017 Uncategorized 0

As a requirement for a lawsuit that is being filed in The State of California, by Alex Hwang, against the bloggers that run Supertrollweb, and trollscreengrabs, and other related sites, Alex is required to inform you publicly that he is filing a lawsuit for your defamation of him, and his family.  As required, you will be notified publicly of the court date and you are free to appear to defend yourselves.  If the blog writer does not appear in court a default judgement will be issued for the plaintiff and all of your content on WordPress, Imgur, Blogger, and other associated sites will be permanently banned from the internet, across all services, via a court order issued in the State of California.

Thank you.

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