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July 10, 2017 Uncategorized 0

I’m the co-founder of a Silicon Valley start-up data mining think tank called Major Malfunctionsoft.

This is a beta test run for our coming PDF scraper that I conceived, visualized, and then Alex Hwang, an engineer for Facebook, coded for me.  Basically, I come with ideas for software, I present my concept to programmers, tell them what I want it to do, and then I work with them during the course of development to refine, streamline, and test the resulting data mining software.

This is a test run of the scraper which goes to a WordPress blog, downloads a list of links, and then downloads the entire blog, sequentially, in separate PDF files which can later be printed with the click of one button.  We have not implemented the GUI yet, so this is a raw version.  We should have the finished product some time next week.

Coming additions to the software: graphical user interface, auto-installer, python-installer, tray icon, print button, blog download counter, analytics

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