The Difference Between Reality And The Internet

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The Difference Between Reality And The Internet

June 28, 2017 Uncategorized 0

I spent the day, today, helping a struggling family that is losing their home. I bought them a Uhaul, a storage space, and then took them and their children out to dinner.

On my way home I checked my comments on my website, and this is what they said, of course hiding their identity but leaving their Comcast IP address in Santa Clara.

Dear anonymous coward,

I apologize for not getting back to you sooner, but I do a lot of homelessness and street activism and I’ve been very busy. Lately, I have ramped up my efforts to help even more families than I was before because we live in rough times where it’s almost impossible for people to get ahead.

As a result of the gifts I have, I choose to be someone who contributes to helping build people up, rather than tear them down like you do.

As far as my rich friend figuring out I’m a loser, since he’s already had a TV show he knows what I know, that one can work in major cable network development for twenty years and never get a show aired, while making a sizable living. He also knows just from speaking with me and understanding the depth of my knowledge about development that I’m no fraud or joke.

While you trolls might have been able to fool Josh, because he’s an idiot like you the believes everything┬áhe reads on the internet, your tired rhetoric can’t fool real industry professionals.

As far as my album being delayed for a year and this movie I’m still making, be patient. Because of my success, I’m not on anyone’s schedule but my own and no troll is going to pressure me into releasing my projects before I feel they are ready.

But anyway, I have to get back to helping this family. In the morning I’m helping them pack up their house and we’re working on finding them a new place to live.

I might suggest that if you spent as much time focused on doing good in the world as you do spreading your infectious failure, that you also could help change the world, but you won’t, because you waste your life fixated on me, for a reason that on one anywhere who has a brain understands.

What I was actually doing tonight while you were sitting here tearing me down is enough evidence for the world to decide who is legit and who is the troll.


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