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Matthew Berdyck Filmography

April 14, 2017 Uncategorized 1

This is a short list of films I have directed and edited.

2017: The Josh Steffen Show (Matthew Berdyck Interviews Josh Steffen)

I traveled to Peshtigo, Wisconsin to interview famous YouTube drummer Josh Steffen.  We talked about his origins, brushes with celebrity drummers, band offers from famous groups, and of course, Lars Ulrich from Metallica. 

2013: Philadelphia Experiment – Ra (Live)

Music video I made while on tour with Jordan Rudess from two time Grammy Nominated Dream Theater and Rod Morgenstein from Winger and Berklee College of Music.

2013: Poison in the Grapes

Short film about the Superfund toxic waste site in my childhood neighborhood and the corruption in the media and local government that left an entire community exposed to toxic waste.  The EPA officials I took on in this film were later forced to resign over the Flint Water Crisis. 

2013: Blame Reagan

I lived on the street for eighteen months of my life to make the first ever first person documentary in film history about homelessness. 

2011: Wayward Traveler 2 (Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim solicited TV pilot)

Travel based TV show which featured me dressed up like a Big Foot, hopping concert gates to get interviews with celebrities, starring Sergio Aragones (Mad Magazine)



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  1. Patamon says:

    I notice that Wayward Traveler 2 was a TV show and Blame Reagan was a feature-length documentary, but the rest of the films since then have been shorter videos in comparison. Do you prefer the shorter video format now, or do you think you’ll go back to the longer movie or TV show episode for future projects?

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