Who Is Matthew?

Matthew Berdyck is an experimental filmmaker, activist, musician, and US travel expert, most notably known for his national environmental campaigns.

He is the founder of SuperfundResearch.org, an environmental activism and EPA watch dog group.  His writing pieces on the subject of toxic waste have been read by millions of people in The United States. 

He founded Daily Independent Journal, in 2018, to expose the sordid underbelly of reality. 

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Documentaries, short films, solicited TV pilots, music videos for rock stars 



After 660,000 miles of travel to over 2,650 cites, I have a few things I’d like to share with you.



Homelessness, cancer, data mining, FOIA, philanthropy, election meddling, I do it all.



Guitar, drums, bass, piano, engineering, songwriting, and production


Coming Soon: Blame Reagan – Director’s Cut

Blame Reagan – Director’s Cut is an even more graphic update of the original film, with 11 minutes of additional footage, remastered and expanded audio, and director’s commentary. 


Cities Visited


Miles of Travel



Confirmed: Matthew Berdyck Stole Metallica’s New York Times

It’s been the subject of great controversy; did I steal Metallica’s New York Times with Lars Ulrich’s permission?  Finally, the question is answered.  

2019: Matthew Berdyck featured in The Roanoke Times for exposing corruption in Virginia.

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Philadelphia Experiment: Ra (Live)

Music video for two-time Grammy Nominated Dream Theater keyboardist, Jordan Rudess, and Rod Morgenstein from Winger. 

Short Film: Poison in the Grapes

Poison in the Grapes is an in depth investigation into the Summit Equipment & Supplies Superfund site, in my childhood neighborhood of Castle Homes, in Akron, Ohio.  The short film exposed the corruption at the Region 5 EPA that later led to the Flint Water Crisis.  

2014: Matthew Berdyck featured on ABC News Cleveland discussing the US EPA Superfund Project

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Over the years, I’ve worked with or known many brilliant artists and minds, all of which gave me career advice and guidance and encouragement to reach my goals.

“You will go very far in this industry and be very successful.”

Sergio Aragones
Mad Magazine

“You’re a video editing magician!!!!!!!!!!!”

Jordan Rudess
Two Time Grammy Nominated Dream Theater


Rod Morgenstein
Winger – Berklee College of Music

“You have great ideas and I’m noting your video editing skills.”

Scott Little
Director of comedy development – Adult Swim

“The most dedicated person I have ever met.”

Alex Hwang
software engineer – facebook

“Wonderful man!”

Lisa Spoden PhD
ceo – hotels at sea- board of directors for numerous universities

Blame Reagan (2013)

Blame Reagan is the first-ever first-person immersion documentary about homelessness in film history. Matthew Berdyck, a former disabled person, gave up his home to live on the streets of dozens of cities all across the country to give the public a graphic account of the day to day struggles and internal monologue of a chronic legally disabled homeless person.
The film was originally released in 2013 and was subsequently banned from YouTube due to “inappropriate content.”

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